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Tip: Always test paints and mold making material
prior to use on an actual project.

For more information visit the Clay Facts section.

How much does clay weigh?
Although different clays have different densities a good estimate is 90 pounds per cubic foot. Chavant also produces a lightweight sulfur free clay called Y2 Klay (approximately 65pounds per cubic foot).
Can I mix different clays together?
Concerns with mixing different clays are color, reactions to rubber, hard/soft areas and cohesion. A user may hit firm areas and then soft areas when moving tools through the clay. Proceed with caution.
How do I smooth the surface?
Try water, Avon Skin-So-Soft, WD-40, Goof-Off, turpentine, lighter fluid and multipurpose oil/wax solvents by brush or hand. Some of the new "citrus" based cleaning fluids will work well.
Why is sulphur used in some of the clays?
Sulphur is an inexpensive, non-toxic, filler that enhances the surface texture of the clay.
Why is sulphur removed from some of your clays?
Sulphur free formulas are generally easier to make silicone or urethane rubber molds from.
Odor Reduction for Clay
Heating some Chavant clays in clay warming devices, often required to soften the material, can produce a distinct non-harmful odor. Many clients have successfully reduced odor emissions from clay ovens by attaching activated charcoal filters to an exhaust vent often found on ovens.

Activated Charcoal (aka Activated Carbon) Filters are available from various manufacturers. Check the Thomas Register under Filters: Activated Carbon. One model that we have seen is produced by Airfiltronix Corporation of Clifton, NJ. They can be reached at 1-800-452-8510 or through their web site www.airfiltronix.com.

Clay Solvents and Smoothing Products
Sculptors often need to develop very smooth surfaces on Chavant clay models. Here are a few ideas. It is our suggestion to try
Other products that will achieve similar results are Lighter Fluid, Turpentine, Mineral Spirits and several other solvents often found in the paint departments of supply stores.

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