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Hard Styling Clays are used by design teams to create very accurate models of full size prototypes in almost any line of business. Examples of this industry segment will include companies involved with transportation - interior and exterior - (automobiles, motor homes, and motorcycles), watercraft (small boats, jet skis, dash panels, bait boxes) and aviation (cowlings, dash panels, door panels). Other production fields include but are certainly not limited to amusement park rides, loud speaker housings, safety helmets, hot tubs, cultured marble fixtures, computer mouse development, restoration, ornamentation and even ballistic testing. Final clay models can be used as patterns for mold making to create parts, or the final models can be scanned for surface data allowing parts or molds to be made from digital information.

Chavant Industrial Design Clay is manufactured in several formulations to suit the exacting requirements of the auto industry and product designers. Formula selection depends largely upon the personal preference of the designer, available equipment, working environment and job requirements. Each formulation has excellent qualities of adhesion, cohesion and consistency. All formulations can be carved, extruded and slicked to an extremely accurate, glass-like finish. The clays join easily, will not show seams, do not crack under normal circumstances, hold fine detail, can be shellacked, painted, reused and molds can be taken from the surface.

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