An Introduction to Chavant

Chavant manufactures modeling clays, clay modeling tools, accessories and educational materials. On-line information is available in the Products link.

Chavant modeling clays are used throughout a variety of industries in manyChavant different and unique ways. Chavant clays are oil / wax based, reusable, do not create dust, can be modeled by hand or machine and do not permanently harden, allowing work to continue for indefinite periods of time. The clays are not meant to be fired in a kiln or cured in an oven. In fact, when working on a project with these clay bodies, a user is not working on the final project at all. The advantage of this modeling process is that surface revisions can be made indefinitely.

The finished clay model will have some sort of reproduction mold (rubber, plaster, fiberglass) taken from the clay's surface. Once the mold is made, a permanent material can be cast out of the mold or the lost wax process can begin to create a bronze. Completed projects that begin as clay models can range from Heroic size bronzes to full size automotive designs, from graphic props to moving monsters and from jewelry design to children's toys.

Various clay projects may require specific characteristics that are often difficult to define. Client's requirements will occasionally vary from project to project but most importantly a clay body will usually be chosen based on the personal preference of the worker. Questions or alternative characteristics that all sculptors will consider when selecting a clay body may include:

  • Simply, what feels right;Chavant 100 years
  • what works in a certain climate;
  • what is best for making molds from;
  • what sticks best to an armature material;
  • what clay doesn't smell;
  • what holds technical detail;
  • what works best for a loose style;
  • or is the clay hard or soft enough?

It is nearly impossible for a clay representative to make the final selection of a clay body for an artist or stylist. However, it is not complicated to narrow the selection for the user by offering general information about the advantages or disadvantages of various clay products in a given situation.

When questions cannot be answered at the point of sale, all Chavant clay end-users or resellers are welcome to contact Chavant directly, where we will offer the best technical advice possible. Sample Kits, containing ¼ pound samples of all the different clays, are available to you from Chavant.

Chavant produces all clays with very high measures of quality control. Still, it is important to understand that slight variations in clay batches may occur. A narrow range of variation can be caused simply by the age of the clay. In addition, Chavant uses many naturally occurring raw materials and these products may be slightly different from batch to batch depending on the regional source of the material or even the time of year. If production quality falls outside of the range of acceptability, the finished product will not be shipped from the manufacturing premise.

All of Chavant modeling clays are certified as Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous by the ACMI and Duke University. All of our Fine Art clays bear the ACMI safety symbol. The Industrial Clays, although certified, do not bear the symbol. The MSDS is available on-line.

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