Studio Equipment

NSD-120 Extruder
NSD-120 Extruder

G75D Extruder
G75D Extruder

Electric Hydraulic Extruder
Electric Hydraulic Extruder


Recycling Extruder Clay Shaper (338KB)
The NSD-120 is for recycling used clay chips and pieces. Air and mosture are removed by vacuum and a billet is extruded.
  NSD-120 Recycling Extruder Clay Shaper




Recycling Extruder Clay Shaper (359KB)
The G75D extruder uses a Duplex construction. It is fitted with a vacuum chamber and high performance pump to deair modeling clay as it passes through the unit.
  G75D Modeling Clay Extruder / Recycling Machine




Electric Hydraulic Profile Extruder (377KB)
This Clay Extruding machine is an Electric Hydraulic device. The unit is used to extrude clay into a length with a consistent profile shape.
  Chavant Technical Brochure Electric Hydraulic Profile Extruder




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